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Phuong said...

De eerste foto is prachtig!

CL, said...

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I love that white swimming suit so fancy. Beautiful pics. xx Love it.

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Amazing collection. Really dreamy.

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little moon lover said...

dreamy pictures.. specially the second one with the white swim suit.. that's divine!
and the floral oxfords are stunning.. great inspirational pics..

prince said...

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buzzmeout said...

my god these was stunning

Sara Louise said...

Inspirational pictures & great write ups.
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Kaila P. said...

I like your blawg, ahaha. you should take some pictures of your personal style and post them for your readers to see! it seems like you would have good style in the way you dress! seems like you would be a stylish sister.
<3, Kaila

m.corbett said...

ok. legs like that are just no fair.
soooo gorgeous x x

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Francesca said...

that second picture is just wonderful. wish i had that knit dress!

SC said...

WOAH! This is great!

I LOHOVE this vibe!

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